The Nuru Fund

Sonia Harcourt and Brad Newman are relaxing on the couch after a busy morning. Their teens shouldn’t be back for a while and they’ll be ordering in instead of cooking this evening, so they pretty much have the whole afternoon to themselves. But before they have too much fun, Brad wants to take a moment to share with Sonia a major financial decision he’s recently taken that will affect their family. He’s decided to reinvest some of the capital from their farm into a brand new venture: Nuru gel!

Sonia listens carefully as Brad explains why he believes the Nuru business is a sound investment, explaining the ins and outs of the product and how he believes it’ll be a recession-proof source of income for them. ‘Is it REALLY recession-proof?’ Sonia asks, ‘is it THAT good?’. Brad assures her that it is, and if his instincts are correct, this could be VERY lucrative for their family. Why don’t he and Sonia test out the Nuru gel together right now and see how she likes it? Sonia agrees.

Brad shows Sonia some of the gel, and she immediately comments on its strange but alluring composition. She’s excited to try it out, so she and Brad both get totally naked and Sonia starts pouring the gel over her body as she sits on Brad’s back. She starts gliding over his body, her breasts and thighs gliding over his muscled body. She loves everything about this gel, from the way it feels on her body to the sexual sensations it’s awakening in her. It’s not long before she and Brad decide to take their massage to another level. They have playful, slippery sex, putting an end to any further questions regarding the viability of their Nuru fund.

Actors: Sonia Harcourt