FileChick frequently asked questions.

A: Yes, uploading and downloading is 100% Free for all users.
A: On our Guest plan files are deleted without a single download after 30 days, registered users are allocated 60 days and premium account files are kept forever until user deletes the file.
A: Free/non accounts files are kept for unlimited days. Premium accounts files are kept for unlimited days.
We are a porn friendly platform.
Yes, we allow video streaming without player popups. In fact you can view a Demo here.
A: We allocate Guest users: 5 GB Filesize, 10GB Storage - Registered users: 20GB Filesize, 500GB Storage
A: Yes of course.
A: Via our report abuse pages. Our Premium servers are located in Belize, Panama which is not under DMCA jurisdiction as a result we can only forward notice to user.